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Business HR

Back Office
Staff Performance - Appraisals/Awards
Legal & Agreements
Organise your Business
Motivation for Business Owners

Key Benefits  - Organisation of Business, Professional Human Resources, and Compliance

Business Marketing

Marketing, Advertising, Templates and Information
What's the diff - Marketing/Advertising
Tips for your Business
Marketing/Advertising Planning
Marketing and Advertising Budgeting
Organise and Plan your Business Campaigns
Keeping in Touch – SOC

Key Benefits -Education, Planning and Budgeting for your advertising and marketing, and Know what works.


Business Office & Procedure Manuals

Do it yourself templates or have created for you
Opening and Closing of your Business
How your Business Runs
Procedures - Answering the Phone/Completion of Mail/Orders etc
Procedures - for your Business
Customer Service
Time Management
Staffing and Motivation

Key Benefits  - Organisation of Business, Documented Procedures, Employee Training, and Happy and Confident Employees


Business Planning   

Business Templates and Worksheets
Business Set Up
Business Planning
Business Budgeting
Superannuation – mine and my employees
Plan your business
Insure your business
Organise your business

Key Benefits - Planning and Organisation of Business, and More time on your hands


Coffee Time

        Meeting group for SBO's to Meet
Have a coffee
Build long lasting Relationships
Learn more from other business owners on Marketing and Advertising
Learn to Organise and Plan your Business
Motivation for Business Owners
Networking and Groups

Key Benefits - Mentoring, Business Friendship, Keeping in touch with Other Business, and Sounding board for any challenges in your business

Free Meetings, Just pay for your coffee

Free Referrals

If you would like to set up a coffee time in your area, please contact Tarnia, and she can assist you in developing a successful friendship group.

Coffee Time Tuggerah meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.


Self Development 

     Organisation, Goal Setting and Motivational Development & Information 
      Going back to the start of it? 
      Setting goals and creating the life I want/need!
      Where am I going and how do I get there?
      How to Manage your relationships
      Staff or co workers? 
      How to do it better?

Planningwerx4U have many years experience in self development, coaching - both in personal and in business. We pride ourselves on being confidential, experienced, organised, and a professional Group. And we specialise in one on one Personal Coaches.

We can discuss and assist in set up of Goals, Motivational Tools, Organisation and Planning your life, whether it be business or pleasure.

Planningwerx4U also works with numerous qualified business coaches/mentors and can assist you in preparing and planning your future.

Have a go at theses questions:

        Do you have a goal or goals?
        Do you have a vision board?
        Do you know where you want to be now, next yr, 5 yrs maybe even 10yrs?
        Have you looked at how you can be a better communicator?
       What about a better manager?

If you were able to answer NO, even a Yes to these questions, and you would like some further information, or a friendly chat, please connect Planningwerx4U.

Our Packages are competitive and are very reasonable, especially since they are focused at small business owners and employees and they are helping others to better themselves.

Key Benefits - Meeting and planning session with Planningwerx4U representative who will assess the needs of you, Better Planning and Organisation, and a Happy Business Owner, Employees and Family.



Planningwerx4u is dedicated to serving the local community, individuals, families and small business with reliable holistic planning. Let the team at    Planningwerx4u assist you in building your busines to it full potential, while you look after your family and business.

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