Assisting small business grow
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Welcome to Planningwerx4U
Plannningwerx4U has been designed to assist small business equip themselves with the tools to grow their business and succeed.

Our Mission
Our desire at Planningwerx4U is to educate, enlighten, and assist small business owners to become the businesses they wish to be. Whether they become more organised, professional or happier. The end result for us, is that small business owners will end up with time on their hands for the more important things in life, which is you and your family.

Company Profile
Planningwerx4u is a small business located on the NSW Central Coast. Our clientele has grown from small business locally to servicing the greater NSW and now QLD. Planningwerx4u is owned and managed by Tarnia Gurney.

What We Offer
Planningwerx4u was set up to assist Small Business Owners (SBO’s) to equip themselves to be professional and organised. Whether it is, in starting up a new business, running their business successfully or updating an established business which is looking to develop further.
Planningwerx4u has the tools and systems in place to build better businesses.
Planningwerx4U provides back office development to businesses. Services include Business Planning, Budgeting, Business Management, HR - including payroll, employee performance, Customer Service Training.
Planningwerx4u is designed to help small business by putting them in touch with other SBO’s as well as planning their back office and remaining organised.
Planningwerx4u has also an extensive referral system to help other small businesses.
Planningwerx4u: Referrals: works with other small businesses owners who are specialists in their field in assisting others.
Planningwerx4u also assists business networking and believes this assists many businesses to grow and develop.
Planningwerx4U has Coffee Time, which is a free meeting group. This is where small business owners can come along, have a coffee, meet and talk to other small business owner's. 
Planningwerx4u also assists individuals and families organise their lives. By organisation and planning your businesses, allows you to spend more time with those you love.  
Planningwerx4u:  Home/Family: assists families organise their homes, lives and lifestyles more efficiently so they can spend more time together.


 Planningwerx4u is dedicated to serving the local community, individuals, families and small business with reliable holistic planning. Let the team at    Planningwerx4u assist you in building your busines to it full potential, while you look after your family and business.

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